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About Headlights 20/20 USA®

At Headlights 20/20 USA®, we began our headlight restoration research and development phase something more than 15,000 hours ago and we have had extensive experience dealing with automobile dealerships, fleet operators, and the general public dating back to 1989. This experience will prove to be of great value to our franchisees, because of its inclusion into our extensive training package.

car Our company’s vision “is to continue to be the most technologically advanced headlight/taillight restoration ever offered. Through a combination of market experience, solid franchise partnerships and an effective and profitable approach to the business, HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA® will become the most recognizable brand in the headlight restoration market segment.”

HEADLIGHTS 20 /20 USA® is based in Nevada. Because of the consistent nature of our weather, we have the ability to train our new HEADLIGHTS 20 /20 USA franchisees [12] months of the year [excluding holidays].

HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA® is a recognized innovator in the headlight restoration industry. Our headlight lens cleaners and sealers have been developed and manufactured here in the United States, because of our deep commitment to, and our pride in our country’s ability to make the very best, and of course our cleaner’s and sealer’s will only be available to our franchisees.

HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA® will continue to support our nation by using whenever possible, only American resources, and in our own small way, help to grow our nation’s economy for the good of all Americans.

HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA®’s leadership team offers our franchisees a wealth of experience, and information which is well grounded and based on many years of “actual” experience dealing directly with commercial, and retail customers, which cannot be matched by hypothetical or “best guessed” leadership.

We have upgraded headlight restoration to professional status via extremely sophisticated business, and sales models, which will give you the franchisee the EDGE that both elevates, and enhances your chance of success.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is focused on the success of our franchisees:

“To do all that we reasonably can, to make sure that via our training and support systems the terms “self-employment” and “fear of failure” are never mentioned in the same sentence.

In life and in business you must hold yourself responsible to a higher standard if you want to succeed in each of them. That higher standard is made up of setting worthy goals, and working to achieve them. Excuses, or reasons no longer have a place in your life, and the only thing that matters is striving to attain your goals, and enjoying the voyage.