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Why Restore Headlights?

The answer is simple.

Headlights - before and after

Because restoring existing headlights is a fraction of the cost of buying and installing new headlights. Buying and installing OEM headlight lenses can be very expensive, and time consuming.

The OEM headlight lens on average cars, trucks and vans can cost several hundred dollars each, and on Luxury vehicles can cost thousands of dollars each.

When you combine the high cost of replacement, with the time and money it costs to do so, it only makes common sense to restore them at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

When you add to the equation the fact that new automobiles have become extremely expensive to buy, and insure, it is much easier and much less expensive for your customers to maintain their existing vehicles.

Automobile dealerships must restore their used vehicle inventory to prime condition, so they are very saleable, and competitive with the vehicles for sale at other dealerships. It just doesn’t make sense to them to spend a lot of money on new headlight lenses when they can have your HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA® business restore them for much less.