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We have been involved in various franchises for 34 years. Each of them had their strong and weak points. In this franchise we have yet to see any weak areas. The concept, products, techniques, training combined with the franchiser’s consistently positive, common sense, tried and proven methods and profit oriented ideas that they are so willing to share for the success of their franchisees. We have never seen this before and we are excited to be a part of this.

We are senior citizens and this will be one more life change for us. There is no limitation to the profitability of this franchise. The simple techniques and the ease of understanding the procedures make it achievable for the younger or older ages.

Product pricing, contractual agreements, accountability and ongoing support are all geared toward our success and profitability and we anticipate this to be our latest and greatest adventure allowing us to reach goals that we could only have imagined.

I completed the Headlights 20/20 USA training program today, (5/2/14) and I want to tell you that the training was excellent. It’s one on one, or I should say, two on one, and very comprehensive. I learned all aspects of the business, and I feel I’m ready to go out and “just do it,” as they say.

In the morning, first thing, we went out and “did cars.” Afterwards, we discussed sales, necessary equipment, web page, accounting, and all aspects of the business. In the four days, I did 42 cars, that’s 84 lenses, all in around 3 or 4 hours each morning. That’s about 3 per hour, which can potentially add up to $120 per hour, or $1680 in just 4 half days. Not bad!

I’m not saying that I’ll start earning this kind of money in my first week out on my own, but the potential is certainly there. The bottom line is, like any business: It’s what you make it.

Frank (Franchisee #1)

After being out of work for several years, I came across an ad from Headlights 20/20 USA. I looked through the website, over and over and over! After several days, I decided to send for information. After a few conversations with the Headlights 20/20 USA staff in Las Vegas, I knew this was something I wanted to get into. After talking to my 16 year old son about it, he showed an interest in it as well. So I figured, what the heck, well get into this together!

We went for the training program, which was a lot of hands on work, to make sure that we were confident in what we were doing. First of all, the product used is nothing short of fantastic! Taking the product and the training provided, you end up with a great looking headlight! Its a ‘win-win’ combination! Everyone at Headlights 20/20 USA truly cares about you, not only as a person, but as a fellow business owner. I have no second thoughts or doubts about our decision. I appreciate the opportunity given not only to me and my son, but to my family as well.

A little background on myself. I am prior military, spending 6 years in the Navy. I have worked in hotel management, as a certified nursing assistant in both nursing homes and in home health. I trained and worked in asbestos removal. I have also worked in a hospital as an Emergency Room Tech, and then hospital supply. I have been a stay-at-home Dad for several years taking care of my family, as my wife worked nights as a Registered Nurse and was taking classes to further her education. I have done volunteer work as firefighter/EMT on volunteer fire department in my hometown in Illinois.

I have been given the tools and the knowledge to not only do quality work, but to be able to make a good living for my family. The ball is in my court now, and Im going to run with it, with my son beside me! Thank you Headlights 20/20 USA!

Mike and Andrew
Buckeye, Arizona

Good Morning!

When my Dad told me about the Headlights 20/20, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work out. After awhile, it seemed to look better, especially after the training.

Before I knew how it worked, I thought the process was going to be hard. That’s not the case, its very simple, especially with the hands-on training. I was thinking it would take longer than 15 minutes a car. The corporate trainers at Headlights 20/20USA are very good people. They are calm and understand that you probably wont pick it up right away. They’ll keep giving you tips and tricks until youre out on your own.

To teens who want to participate in their own business, heres some advice. Take every opportunity. Don’t think you cant do it, you have to keep an open mind. Also, put 100% into everything you do. It’ll make it easier in the long run. All you have to do is work hard and be optimistic that it’ll work and you’ll be fine.

Buckeye, AZ

Before and After Headlights I honestly couldn’t be happier with HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA® as my number one source to make my vehicles shine. They are professional, and very friendly. the job they do makes my cars headlights “POP.” The best part is the work they do really lasts. With great prices and great performance, there is no reason not to use them.


(John is the reconditioning manager for a large volume new car dealership in Las Vegas, Nevada.)

To HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA®. Thank you for everything you have been doing for us since last year. We have increased our sales volume in our dealership over this time, and some of that success can be attributed to your company’s making our vehicles look like showroom condition again. We really appreciate your business, and would recommend HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA® to anyone.


(J.J. is the manager of a high volume used automobile dealership here in Las Vegas, Nevada.)


Just wanted to thank you for restoring the headlights on my BMW! You saved me at least a couple of hundred dollars!!!! I will recommend any friends or relatives that come my way.


(Manny is a retail customer of ours, here in Las Vegas, Nevada.)