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The following questions and answers which pertain to HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA® franchise opportunity. Please review the Q&A below and feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have so that we may assist you in making a well-informed decision.

How do I Establish a Commercial Base of Auto Dealership Customers?

  • It will ultimately be the franchisee’s responsibility to approach new and used automobile dealers through personal sales visits, as well as networking and marketing the service you provide to the general public, for the restoration of the headlights/taillights on their personal vehicles. Additionally, HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA® will help research and identify the potential automobile/truck and fleet commercial customers, key relationship groups and target influencers in your territory, and fully assist you in implementing a comprehensive and highly effective local business development plan.
  • Our proven business development methodology shows you precisely how to create a customer base.

Are There Really that many Potential Customers?

  • YES. It is very large. There are automobile, and truck dealerships everywhere in the USA, as well as millions upon millions of privately owned vehicles which would be considered retail customers. This is not to mention the countless thousands of fleet, and company owned vehicles including 18-wheelers who need their headlights restored for safety, and appearance reasons.

How Much is the Franchise Fee?

  • Duplex – $9,500.00
  • Mobile – $19,500.00
  • Mobile with 1 retail outlet – $29,500.00
  • Mobile with 2 retail outlets – $39,500.00
  • Master franchise – $50,000.00 to $150,000.00

Do I Need to have Experience with this Type of Work?

  • NO. You do not need to have experience in this industry. Being able to talk to people easily is an important skill set, as is keeping a positive attitude.
  • HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA® will provide you with “hands on” technical training at our corporate locations before you open your “doors” for business.

Will I have a Protected Territory?

  • YES. You will have a protected territory which will contain up to 100 new and used automobile dealerships, as well as the privately owned vehicles in your territory. These privately owned vehicles will be the basis of your “retail” customer base. This size territory will provide plenty of opportunity to keep one franchisee busy.

Do I Use Headlights 20/20 USA Branded Vehicles?

  • YES. You will be able to use your own vehicle as long as it is “wrapped” with the HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA logo graphics. A company “wrapped” vehicle will add to your marketing and professional appearance.

Do I Need to Operate from a Lease or Commercial Space?

  • NO. One of the benefits of owning a HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA franchise® business is that you can start the business from a home office setting. This allows you to begin with less out of pocket expenses and a lower amount of capital, it also allows you to build your business from the comfort and ease of your own home.

Can I be an Absentee Owner

  • YES. Absentee ownership can work for you under the right conditions, but our business model was designed to help the individual to own and operate his or her own business. Being active and involved in the community is critical to the business model. The better you know your local area and your customers the easier it will be. However, owning [2] or more HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA® franchise businesses will require the franchise owner to have a strong, knowledgeable staff, which is highly motivated, and detail oriented. HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA® is fully equipped to train your additional staff at its Las Vegas, Nevada corporate headquarters at a nominal additional cost to the multiple HEADLIGHTS 20/20 USA® Franchise owner.